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Third Party Services

I.D. Technical Third Party Services is committed to providing competitive, timely and responsive services for our customers.

Products, projects, Cargos or processes, our third party independent inspection is to ensure that both your legal obligations and the high standards you expect are met at every stage, to reduce risk, control quality and quantity, and meet all relevant regulatory requirements.

We strive to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers and carriers.


1. Vendor Inspection and Expediting


We do provide highly qualified and extremely competent inspectors duly selected from an extensive team of technicians available around the globe. 
Our services include:


  • Complete inspection services 
  • Partial inspection services 
  • Final inspection services 
  • Full-time inspection services (resident based assignments) 


2. Expediting


Expediting is a fundamental element of any project. It enables project objectives to be achieved. We clearly identify the Expediting component of the project because it relates to project timelines, project objectives and ultimate project success. As such, we believe that every project procurement plan requires a dedicated expediting team. This is important because it saves the client from incurring unnecessary costs. Our personnel are capable of: managing a broad spectrum of expediting Services, tracking deadlines and being proactive in order to avoid any delay. We have our own Internal Expediting and Reporting Procedure; however in an effort to meet the project needs of our client, we are accustomed to using client Expediting and Reporting Procedures. Expediting activities begin soon after the Purchase Order is issued. This is a beneficial step in the prevention of slippages and/or delays.

Services provided include:

  • Desk expediting services 
  • Field expediting services 
  • Full-time expediting services (resident based assignments) 


3. Industrial third party inspection and quality verification

Third party inspection and quality verification includes the supervision of the Fabrication, welding and finishing Processing, verification of the quality control records Includes:

  • Dimensional check.
  • Welding inspection.
  • Coating thickness and general condition survey.
  • Material Receiving.
  • Control the working conditions and environment as per the ITP and the International Standards.
  • Control the inspection and the testing process.
  • NDT
  • Check the calibration of QC equipment.

​4. Bolts inspection, Torque and snug tightening inspection

  • Visual inspection of the snug tightening joints, plies of the connected elements and the washers comparing them to the required in the designer specifications.
  • The magnitude of the clamping force that exists in a snug-tightened joint is not part of the scope of work.
  • Visual inspection of the connected elements for proper fabrication.

     Torque tightening inspection:

  • Visual inspection of the bolt and washers’ installation, this inspection include bolts and nuts grade check.
  • Torque measurement to achieve the designer requirement using torque wrench.
  • Torque wrench verification.


5. NDT

Non Destructive Testing has set technology standards for Steel Structure, Welding, pipeline inspection and integrity assessment tools and strives to keep this position in the future - onshore, offshore and on all continents.

I.D. Technical Services has the ability to cover the most professional NDT techniques with our partnership with lead companies in NDT around the world.