Lifting Equipment Inspection

Lifting Examination

I.D. Technical Services do execute the Lifting and cranes inspection and thorough examination jobs in Jordan following the international standards. Lifting Equipment Engineering association regulation comes from Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations LOLER and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations PUWER which are set of regulations created under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 which replaced a number of other pieces of legislation which covered the use of lifting equipment.

Lifting Equipment inspection & Certification.

I.D. Technical Services are accredited to perform high tech inspections on cranes and lifting inspection, hoisting and lifting Machines in Jordan in accordance with international standards.

Statutory Safety Inspection and Certification in compliance with international standards and Lifting Equipment Regulation

  • Cranes Inspection
  • Lifting machines inspection/Lifting tackle
  • Inspection of Cranes: Mobile, Overhead, Tower
  • Inspection of Jibs
  • Hoists Inspection and certification
  • Gantries Inspection 
  • Inspection ofVehicle lifts 
  • Inspection of Jacks: Hydraulic, Toe, Trolley
  • Access platforms Inspection and Certification 
  • Scissor lifts Inspection 
  • Fork lift trucks / Telehandlers Inspection and Certification 
  • Tail lifts Inspection 
  • Excavators
  • Earthmoving equipment Thorough examination 

Lifting Gears & accessories Inspection and Certification

Lifting Gears thorough examination must be carried In order to verify that lifting equipment and accessories remain safe for use, and to detect and remedy any deterioration in good time, Inspection are required throughout the lifetime of the equipments and will enable them to detect defects or weaknesses and to assess their importance in relation to the safety and continued use of the lifting equipment.


Load Test: 

Calibrated water weights

Water Filled Weight Bags is designed for the proof loading test for the lifting equipments and structures that request proof load test when it's newly finished, periodic check, or maintenance, such as cranes, beams davits, etc

-Wireless display load cells

Stainless Steel 2, 5, 10 and 50 ton calibrated load cells used to proof the loads and to make the zero point for the load test of the cranes and the other tools, in addition of detecting the tension in wire ropes, slings, etc..

The wireless display can improve the safety conditions for the inspector and can give a better range for the inspections.

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